What Is The Difference Between Coolers And Freezers?

With almost similar use and layouts, coolers and freezers could easily be confused for one another. Although the look-alike, especially from the outside, different demands are placed on each of them, with varying ranges of temperature and the applications for which they are used. 

Coolers and freezers have a lot of several key differences in their capabilities and designs, equipping them for different applications. Here are the differences that you can consider when choosing your cold storage solution:

The Temperature Difference Between a Cooler and a  Freezer

The temperature of a freezer must be maintained at a lower level than the temperature needed by a cooler. Most commercial walk-in coolers operate at an average temperature of 0c and sometimes 5c, remaining above the freezing point of water and also acting as a refrigerator, while a freezer can operate at temperatures as low as -40C, eventually freezing everything that is inside. 

This automatically makes then unsuitable for a lot of products and materials, especially those who would be immediately damaged by below-freezing temperatures and ice, or those who need to be used immediately, with no time to defrost. Coolers are the perfect solution in these cases. 

Applications of a Walk-In Coolers Compared to a Freezer

The applications of coolers differ from the applications for a freezer, mostly due to the temperature difference between the two units. Walk-in coolers are normally used to store products at low temperatures above freezing, making sure that they are available for immediate use without needing to defrost. They can be used to store and chill anything that must be preserved without completely freezing them like fresh food, cadavers before funerals, hospital medical supplies, and other things. 

A freezer uses lower, sub-freezing temperatures to help preserve a wide range of products, biodegradable materials, prolonging the lifespan of food products and pharmaceuticals, as well as preventing the decomposition of laboratory specimens that needs freezing and cadavers in mortuaries and morgues. This preservation is due to the low temperatures, which prevent any microbes present from inhibiting and multiplying decomposition while frozen. 

Storage Space in a Walk-In Coolers Compared to a  Freezer

The amount of space for storage within a cooler and a freezer does not vary anywhere near as much as the temperatures and applications. In a cooler or a freezer with the same internal volume, the available storage space should be the same, despite the powerful cooling unit found in a freezer. 

You can maximize the space within your freezer or cooler by using the storage options available in the unit, like shelving units that allow you to organize and store your foods and other space-saving options that can provide the room for you to get the best out of your unit. 

You can also organize your food and other products in a way that makes it easy for you to locate an item, rotate stock, and keep track of the levels, saving you time and effort. Well organized, well-stocked, and well preserved, your products will be kept perfect for your business. 

Walk-in coolers and freezers that are provided and installed by your manufacturer offer amazing performance and adhere to any building, hygiene and safety standards that may apply, though they are made for different uses and to fulfill different needs, providing a different user experience is its ultimate goal. Evaluating the abilities of units against your requirements, you will be able to find the right equipment that is perfect for you.

And once you get the perfect unit, you need to make sure that they run properly and that they are well-maintained. Maintenance of coolers and freezers can help prevent future repairs that will cost you a lot of money. There are local service providers that can help you maintain the performance of your unit, like the commercial refrigerator repair in Long Beach. The longevity of your unit depends on how well you maintain it.

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